Opening Hours


Christmas break on our delivery services from 25th to 28th Dec 2021 and 1st to 3rd Jan 2022 for New Year...
Our shop is closed only on Christmas day and New Year day
Delivery service detail shown in below.
Date Day Dispatch Delivery Shop Opening (Derby - DE24 8JD)  
22/12/2021 Wednesday Yes Yes Open  
23/12/2021 Thursday Yes Yes Open  
24/12/2021 Friday No Yes Open  
25/12/2021 Saturday No No Closed Christmas day
26/12/2021 Sunday No No Open Boxing day
27/12/2021 Monday No No Open Christmas Day (Substitute Day)
28/12/2021 Tuesday No No Open Boxing Day (Substitute Day)
29/12/2021 Wednesday Yes No Open  
30/12/2021 Thursday Yes Yes Open  
31/12/2021 Friday No Yes Open  
01/01/2022 Saturday No No Closed New Year day
02/01/2022 Sunday Yes No Open  
03/01/2022 Monday No No Open New Year Day (Substitute Day)
04/01/2022 Tuesday Yes Yes Open  
05/01/2022 Wednesday Yes Yes Open Become normal


02 Pontefract Street
Allenton, Derby,
DE24 8JD, Derbyshire,
England, UK



Monday to Sunday  - 09:00 am to 07:00pm

 We are available in WhatsApp & Phone calls for all 7 days from 6:00am to 12:00am