How to Incorporate Millets in our daily life

Incorporate Millets in our daily life

The millets

Still seeing your grandparents blooming young with their firm teeth and robust bones and do you know the secret? Just ask them you will get a gist of Millets which are high in protein, fiber, calcium, iron and vitamins.

What is millet ?

Millets sometimes referred to as "miracle grains" or "wonder grains'' are a category of extremely varied small-seeded grasses that are commonly farmed as cereal crops. If you are trying to lose weight or you are a diabetic and cardiac patient then millets are the essential one you could never miss. It's not just a bird seed; you can consume it in the form of pilafs, snacks, and cookies. 

What are the types of millets?

Foxtail millet, Finger millet, Pearl millet, Buckwheat and Little millet are the popular ones.

What are the health benefits of millets?

Kezhvaragu or Finger Millet

Finger millet or Kelvaragu contains essential vitamins, minerals, and fiber that can help you stay healthy. Potassium is rich in finger millet which can help your kidneys and heart stay healthy and also lifts the transmission of impulses between your neurons, allowing your brain and muscles to work in harmony. You can also consume it in the form of Millet dosa, puttu, chapati, kali, idiyappam, pakoda, etc.,. Buy Keshvaragu or Finger Millet Dosa Ready mix online from Lakshmi Stores, UK.

Varagu or Kodo millet

Varagu or Kodo millet is easily digestible, high in lecithin, and good for the nervous system. It's high in phytochemicals like phytate, which help to reduce the risk of cancer. It aids in weight loss and is good to postmenopausal women. Make your children eat it through Native Food Store Kodo dosa mix from Lakshmi stores. Buy Varagu or kodo millet Instant Dosa Mix online from Lakshmi Stores, UK.

Thinai or Foxtail Millet

Foxtail, also known as Italian millet (setaria italica), is a forgotten grain from ancient Tamil culture. Lord Muruga, the patron deity of Tamil Nadu, is offered a foxtail millet, known as Thinai in Tamil. The iron concentration of foxtail millets is high, and these millets are pest-free. Foxtail millet not only eliminates the need for fumigants, but it also acts as an anti-pest agent for storing sensitive pulses like green gram. They also improve HDL cholesterol and manage blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Thinai is also fabricated along with our Native Food Store dosa mix. Buy Thinnai or Foxtail millet Dosa Mix online from Lakshmi Stores, UK.

Samai or Little Millet

Little Millet or Samai has been discovered to have the greatest fiber content of any grain. Samai contains phenolic chemicals that have antioxidant properties.  This millet is a fantastic source of iron.  Samai, like other millets, is gluten-free. Samai has a low to medium glycaemic index, making it suitable for diabetics. Samai plays a major role in our Native Food Store dosa mix. Buy Samai or little Millet Dosa Mix online from Lakshmi Stores, UK.

Kuthiraivali or Barnyard millet

Barnyard millet, also known as Kudiraivali rice, is a protein-rich and nutritious cereal. The health advantages of organic staples are numerous. Vitamin B3 is included,  which helps to lower blood cholesterol levels. It's a healthful lunch option because it has a good balance of protein, carbohydrates, and fat. Barnyard millet can be used in a variety of sweet and savory recipes, including sticky puddings and kheers. Add a little energy to your diet through kuthiraivali. Buy Kuthiraivali dosa mix Online from Lakshmi Stores, UK..

Kambu or Pearl Millet

Weight loss, improved diabetes management, and a larger intake of minerals that support healthy hair, nails, and skin are just a few of the potential health benefits linked with eating pearl millet, on a daily basis. Although several antinutrients impede the absorption of other vitamins and minerals, the grain is generally safe for most people, including gluten-free eaters. You can add kambu to your diet through our Native Food Store Kambu dosa mix. Buy Kambu or Pearl Millet Dosa Mix online from Lakshmi Stores, UK.

Cholam or Sorghum Millet

Sorghum millet aids in the regulation of body temperature, weight, and arthritis treatment. It's heavy in phosphorus and potassium, protein, calcium, and antioxidants, but low in iron and sodium. Sorghum millets, unlike rice or wheat, are a nutritional powerhouse. Cholam can be placed at your table through our healthy Native Food Store dosa mix. Buy Cholam or Sorghum Dosa Mix Online from Lakshmi stores, UK.

Where to buy Millet Dosa Mix?

Even if it's too healthy it's not easy for the women to process each and every millet in their child's favorite criteria so to make it easier Lakshmi stores,UK offers Native food store's Dosa Mix made of millets to have a healthy and tasty delight on your table. Buy Instant Millet Dosa Mix Online from Lakshmi stores, UK.