Why is Holi celebrated?

Holi the “Festival of colors” and “Festival of love” is widely celebrated by almost every part of India, which is considered as one of the most revered festivals of India. Holi is the day when people get to unite together to spread love, happiness through colors. In some parts of India, Holi is celebrated as a spring festival to render thanksgiving for an abundant harvest. This festival is celebrated to symbolize the victory of good over evil by burning and destruction of a demoness named Holika.

When is Holi celebrated?

The festival of colors lasts for a day and a night, which starts on ‘Holika Dahan’ on the night of full moon day (purnima) in March every year and with the throwing of colors the following day is called Holi. In 2022, Holika Dhan is on March 17, and Holi is on March 18. Holi is the day of rejoicing with colors which brings lots of positivity in our lives.

How is Holi celebrated?

On this day people enjoy throwing color powder and colored water with friends and dear ones. People used to dance and have parties as a part of celebration. Each color symbolizes a different meaning. Blue is for Krishna, Green is symbolic of new beginnings. Red is the color of marriage and fertility. Yellow, the color of auspicious occasions.

Holi in UK:

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