The Rich Indian Spices and the Indian delight

The Rich Indian Spices

A delve into the history of Indian spices:

Picture India and the first things to come to mind would be a delicious plethora of dishes that already has left everyone’s mouth watering! With its tempting cuisine that bursts out with flavours unexpected that leaves everyone wanting for more, India is a country that has attracted curious taste buds from all around the world. From the day Vasco da Gama set foot on Kozhikode, the world has been crazily in love with these colourful and aromatic wonders.

The earliest written notes about spices and their mixtures were found in the Vedas, where they have been extensively discussed for their medicinal use and their ability to provide a distinct flavour to the food. Spices continue to be an integral part of Indian cuisine. Entire kingdoms made fortunes by producing and selling spices and masalas. And India became the epicentre of this trade. From silk routes to long voyages around Africa, people were willing to risk their lives to get a bag full of black pepper or, as Europeans called it, "black gold". The spices consumed today have a rich history behind them of bringing wealth and fame to this country.

Indians and their love for Indian Spices:

It is a common saying that, “Indian food without spices is like a cake without sugar”. Spices are synonymous with Indian food. From chat items to grand Thalis, every kind of food has spices in them in some form or the other. A recent study shows that Indians consume an average of 9.25kgs of spices per year, which is almost nine times the global average. Indians love their spices and it is no joke. Traditional dishes of India are filled with flavour due to these masalas. But it's not just about the flavour, It has been clinically proven that the addition of spices into one's meal improves the nutrient content in the food. Spices are known to be a rich source of micronutrients and essential vitamins and minerals. And in the right quantities, they are great immunity boosters.

Indian Spices travelling around the world!

Yes, that’s right. Indian spices have buckled up on their quest to tempt the taste buds of people all around the world and are enthusiastically welcomed by all nationalities! It is no surprise that people worldwide love the vibrant taste of these flavorful spices just as much as Indians do. Not to forget, the deliciously pleasant fragrances and greatly tempting pungent smell of the Indian spices that lure people to enjoy the spices further. Everyone loves how beautifully the spices complement each other. From the sour spices like lemon that enriches the flavour to the sweet spices like saffron and cardamom that appease everyone after each meal, from the hot spices like cloves that leave everyone’s taste buds to the bitter spices like turmeric that balances out the whole meal - the Indian spices are a whole package. 

Tikka masala is a very popular dish that is enjoyed by people all over the world. Paneer and chicken tikka masala are also enjoyed by kids and adults alike. Chicken or paneer marinated in a hot curry sauce which is later stirred and cooked slowly to enrich the taste richly is a delicacy that no one can deny they love. Butter chicken is yet another tempting dish that leaves behind the appetising flavours of slow-cooked chicken with a succulent gravy of a rich consistency. 

The medicinal benefits:

The best part about Indian spices is that they are just as nutritious as they are yummy. Let's take a commonly used spice like cardamom for instance. Not only does it have antioxidant and cancer-fighting properties,  it also helps in significantly lower blood sugar levels. Coriander has antifungal and anti-microbial properties. Ginger helps in reducing nausea and inflammation. Turmeric boosts brain function and shows positive signs in dealing with depression.

Where to get Indian Spices in the UK?

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