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ricemix powder

Quick Meal Recipes

       Nutrient-rich meals often are time-consuming to cook. The cravings are often skipped due to the lengthy cooking procedure. With the Rice Mix Powder in hand, you no need to skip your cravings.

        Yes, these are Quick Meal Recipes that offer you healthy food in your hand in no time. Get adapted to this fast-paced food habit that also ensures you the healthy values and nutrients. Quick Meal Recipes have answers to all your cravings. Be it spicy or healthy or calorie-conscious choice Lakshmi Stores has the best mixes to dine for.


Dine in the Nutrient-Rich Rice Mix @Lakshmi Stores

       Having said this about the Quick Meal Recipes and their pros the next thing that comes to our mind is the nutritional values of the same. Eating nutritious food is a wise choice that many of us make but most of us do not follow the same. Getting the basic health essentials through home gardening and roof-top gardening is followed by a part of the population. It is a tedious process to search for healthy spinach and herbs in the work-focused environment we live in. Also finding appropriate recipes for healthy spinach and spices becomes a complex process. The fast-paced lifestyle has introduced us to advanced food options. Nutrient-rich Quick Meal Recipes are one such option. These mixes brilliantly reflect the healthy choices that people often crave.

Implement your wise choices

        Tomato rice can be made in a number of ways but making it instantly at the comfort of your home requires a wise choice like the MTR Tomato rice powder. Make all your cooking adventures easier with the Rice Mix Powder from Lakshmi Stores. We offer all your favourite health essentials such as spinach in the form of healthy Rice Mix Powder. These mixes are from top brands such as MTR and Native Foodstore. We keep you guided in the process of cooking the best food for your family. The mixes are so easy to serve with warm rice. The best part is we can add the powder according to our taste. More powder for spicy flavour and a pinch of ghee for mild flavour. The Rice Mix Powder is compatible with the taste of food lovers. The best thing is that these Quick Meal Recipes can be made instantly in no time.

Insight into the variety of mixes Lakshmi Stores offer Lakshmi Stores

       offer power-packed mixes such as Sesame (Ellu) Rice Mix, Wonderberry (Manathakali) Rice Mix, Balloon Vine (Mudakathan) Rice Mix, Brahmi Leaf (Vallarai) Rice Mix and Mint Leaf (Puthina) Rice Mix. All these products are from the renowned brand known as Native Foodstore. They deliver Rice Mix Powder with quality, nativity and uniqueness. Sesame Rice Mix is enriched with the goodness of Sesame which has a lot of health benefits including blood sugar control. Wonderberry Rice Mix reflects the health benefits of Wonderberry which is a rich source of Vitamin C. Balloon Vine Rice Mix remains to be in the primary search list for most Indian families. It is rare spinach that strengthens the bones and joints. Brahmi Leaf Rice Mix offers the goodness of Brahmi Leaves. It improves memory and is a cure for Alzheimer’s disease. Mint Leaf Rice Mix extends the freshness of Pudina leaves in the form of powder. Get a boost to your immune system with the Mint Leaf Rice Mix. All you have to do is turn on your weekend playlist and cook warm rice for these Nutrient-rich Rice Mixes from Lakshmi Stores.

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