Onam in UK

What is Onam?

 Kerala celebrates Onam every year in honour of the harvest. This festival, which commemorates the annual homecoming of the demon king Mahabali, is one of Kerala's most important and anticipated events. Onam is a ten-day celebration that is enthusiastically observed by every Malayali.

How is Onam celebrated ?

Onam is a time of great grandeur and splendour, with a variety of festivals, boat races, and cultural activities taking place all over Kerala. Several customs are upheld throughout Onam, including Pookkalam (a flowery design painted on the outside of dwellings), Onakalikal (various games played during the festival), Vallamkali (a boat race), Pulikali (a tableau including actors costumed as tigers and hunters), and archery. Along with this, food, especially Onam Sadhya or Onasadhya, plays an important role in the celebrations.

What is the history of Onam?

A  good-hearted King Mahabali overcame the Gods and established rule over all three planets. Although he was a kind and astute leader, the Gods began to worry about his popularity. They pleaded with Lord Vishnu to intervene and assist them. As a result, Lord Vishnu assumed his fifth form, that of the diminutive Brahmin Vamana.

Vamana then went to see King Mahabali. When the kind King inquired about the Brahmin's wishes, Vamana said, "Three pieces of land." Vamana then became bigger, covering the heavens and the underworld in his first and second steps.

King Mahabali gave God his own head as Lord Vishnu's fifth avatar was ready to take his third step. Lord Vishnu was pleased by his sacrifice and King Mahabali was given permission by Lord Vishnu to travel to his realm and subject every Onam.

What's special on Onam ?

In Malayalam, the word "Sadhya," which means "banquet," actually refers to a lavish feast. Every member of the family must participate in the preparations for Onam Sadhya or Onasadhya. It typically consists of around 60 components used to produce 26 different sorts of delectable curries, fried veggies, sweet meals, and more. The meal is served on a banana leaf that has been stretched out on the floor and is eaten with the hands which signifies equality and humility.

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