Krishna Jayanthi

Krishna Jayanthi

Janmashtami 2022 / Krishna Jayanthi 2022/ Gokulashtami 2022 in UK

The occasion of Janmashtami is the commemoration of the advent of Lord Krishna, who is Lord Vishnu's eighth manifestation on Earth. The triumph of good over evil is symbolised by the birth of Lord Krishna. On the day of Krishna Janmashtami, worshippers of the Lord offer prayers and numerous ceremonies inspired by the life of Baby Krishna are celebrated around the nation.

When is Krishna Janmashtami in 2022 ?

Krishna Janmashtami will be observed on August 18, 2022. Devotees of Krishna make a commitment to observe a day-long fast and break it the next day. Some people only eat one meal a day on Janmashtami, while others consume only fruit.

History of Krishna Janmashtami

In Mathura, during the Bhadrapada month, Lord Krishna was born. He was the son of Devaki and Vasudeva. Because a prophecy said that the couple's eighth son would bring about Kansa's ruin, he planned to kill his sister's children. After hearing the prophecy, Kansa imprisoned Devaki and Vasudeva and promptly executed their first six children. Princess Rohini's womb received the seventh Devaki foetus that had been in Devaki's. When they had their eighth child, Lord Krishna, the entire palace fell asleep. Vasudeva saved the child and took him to Nand Baba and Yashodha's home in Vrindavan. Vasudeva brought a baby girl back to the palace and gave her to Kansa. She changed into Goddess Durga when the evil king attempted to kill her and gave him a warning about his imminent disaster. Krishna later executes his uncle Kansa for all of his sinful deeds.

How is Krishna Jayanthi Celebrated ?

People who follow Krishna decorate their homes with flowers, diyas, and lights. The most opulent and vibrant festivals are held at each temple in Mathura and Vrindavan. In addition, devotees practise Raslila to remember Krishna's devotion to Radha and to reenact events from his life. To commemorate the birth of Krishna and the spiritual regeneration he brings, many people prepare sweets like Dudhachi Kheer, Gopal Kala, and Gulab Jamon. Since Lord Krishna was born at midnight, a statue of an infant Krishna is showered and put in a cradle at midnight.

What is the tradition behind Gokulahstami ?

A well-known custom involves shattering pots of milk, curd, or buttermilk that are hanging on a tall pole. To get to the pot and break it, people construct a human pyramid. This ritual is performed in resemblance to Krishna and his buddies smashing the pot of recently churned butter that his mother had hanging. It is a well-known custom in Maharashtra and other western regions.

What is special about Krishna Janmashtami ?

To greet the Lord, Krishna, we trace his footprints in rice flour slurry from the front door to the pooja chamber. Along with the Naivedyam variations, people  regularly offer Aval (poha, or flattened rice), butter, curd, milk, fruits, and other foods to God. 

What things are needed to celebrate Janmashtami ?

Krishna Idol Krishna photo, Betel leaves, Paaku (Supari), Sweets, Fruits, Flowers and Garland for decoration.

Neivadiyam items, Akshadai, pooja items, Karpuram,Karpoora thattu, Pancha pathiram 

Coconut, Lamp with wick and oil.

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