Fish a healthy choice




Why is Fish a Healthy Choice to be added in your diet?

       Fish is one of the healthiest foods and most beneficial protein source in your well balanced diet. It's loaded with essential nutrients, like heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids, Iodine, Vitamin D which keeps your body and brain healthy. It has an important role to reduce the risk of many diseases. Incorporating fish into your diet will boost your immune system to keep you fit and healthy.


How eating fish benefits your health ?

  • Lowers the Risk of Heart Disease
  • Good for Brain Health
  • Reduces Risk of Alzheimer's Disease
  • Helps to Lower the Symptoms of Depression
  • Helps to Improve Vision and Eye Health
  • Improve the quality of Sleep
  • Helps to Lower Cholesterol
  • Reduces the risk of Strokes
  • Reduces the risk Of Autoimmune Disease
  • Reduces the risk Of Cancers like oral cavity, pharynx, colon and pancreas cancers
  • Speeds Up Your Metabolism
  • Helps to prevent Asthma in children

What are the varieties of Fishes liked by South Indians?

       Fresh fishes are the need of the hour for all the fish lovers out there. Fresh fishes impart a unique essence and taste to your recipes. Finding your type of fresh fish is not tedious anymore. Here are some of the awesome ranges of fresh varieties of fish to satisfy your fish meal cravings. The following are the favourite varieties of fish loved by people of south India.

Anchovy Fish (Netheeli Meen):

      Anchovies are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which give powerful benefits for your heart. Anchovies marinated with spices and then shallow fried is an easy and very tasty appetizer and can be served as a side dish for rice.

Baby Shark Fish:

     Baby Shark Fish are rich dietary sources of Vitamin D and have a good amount of Omega -3 which is good for Heart, Skin, Eyesights and proper Brain functioning. It helps to lower the LDL Cholesterol. The Bull Shark Fry recipe made with the Baby Shark Fish is a must-try.

Black Pomfret (Vavval Meen) & Gold Pomfret (Vavval Meen):

      Black Pomfret (Vavval Meen) and Gold Pomfret (Vavval Meen) are rich in Vitamin B12 which can keep your nervous system guarded. Masala Fried Pomfret is all that you require after a long day at work.

Crab (Nandu) & Crab Blue (Nandu – Blue):

     Crabs (Nandu) are rich in Vitamins, Minerals, Omega 3 Polyunsaturated acids which helps to prevent heart disease and improves brain development . Selenium present in Crab acts as an antioxidant which boosts your immune system. Crab Blue (Nandu – Blue) is good for diabetes patients. Indian Crab Curry and Carb soup is a spicy delight for all seafood lovers.

Koduva meen or Sea Bass or Barramundi/Indian Seabass Fish(Karunthirali Meen):

     Koduva Or Sea Bass is a rich source of vitamin C, magnesium, and potassium. Selenium present in Sea Bass produces antioxidants in your body to synthesize thyroid hormones. Koduva Fish Curry is a delicious Indian Fish curry made in a clay Pot.

Indian Sea Bream Fish:

      Indian Sea Bream Fish is a rich source of Protein, fatty acids and amino acids. Indian Sea bream also contains Vitamin B and Vitamin D. Seabream fry is a mouth-watering dish spiced with Indian spices.

King Fish (Arakkula):

       King Fish (Arakkula) is a rich source of healthy omega-3 fatty acids, protein, vitamin B12 and selenium which can reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Super delicious nei meen (king fish) masala or thokku is a complete meal when mixed with hot rice.

Tuna Fish:

       Tuna is an excellent source of Vitamin B12, an essential vitamin needed to make DNA and also helps you to prevent anemia.Healthy Spicy and delicious Tuna fish fry goes yummy with plain rice or rasam rice.

Squid (Kanavai Fish):

      Squid (Kanavai Fish) has a rich source of vitamin B-12, potassium, iron, phosphorus and copper. These essential nutrients help in the performance and health of blood cells, bones and the immune system.Kanava or squid is the best supplement during the time of pregnancy. Kanava Varuval speaks volumes about the health benefits of fresh squids.

Silver Pomfret (Vavval Meen):

        Silver Pomfret (Vavval Meen) is a rich source of iodine that is necessary for the thyroid gland. Silver Pomfret fish fry is a perfect treat for your taste buds.

Shark Fish (Paarai Meen):

       Shark Fish (Paarai Meen) is awesome in reducing the risk of autoimmune diseases. Chettinad Shark Fish Curry is an absolute delight when enjoyed with warm rice.

Trevally Fish:

       Trevally fish contains calories, protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals helps to reduce the risk of autoimmune diseases and help prevent asthma in children. Malabar Trevally Fish Fry is a spicy treat and best suited for your cravings.


      Prawns (Eraal) are rich in iron content and are effective in producing red blood cells. Prawn thokku is an indispensable dish of almost every household in India.

Sangara meen:

       Sangara fish helps in the healthy metabolism of the body. This fish promotes weight loss and helps in weight management. Sangara meen kuzhambu is an extraordinary dish for your Sunday specials.

Where do you get Fresh Fishes Online in the UK?

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