During the Tamil month of Thai, Thaipusam is observed when the star Poosam reaches its maximum point. But many of us are not aware that this celebration is based on science. The special days that our ancestors observed are thought to be so potent that we are blessed with heavenly energy on those days. Thaipusam is one of those days on Earth that allows us to receive a tonne of energy. It is a very promising moment to succeed in your spiritual and personal growth as well as your finances and relationships.

When and Where Thaipusam is celebrated?

In the Tamil month of Thai (January–February), when the moon is at its brightest, Thaipusam falls on the full moon day. Depending on the lunar event, Thaipusam is either celebrated in January or February.Apart from India, areas where there is a sizable Tamil population include Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Mauritius, Singapore, South Africa, and a few more.Thaipusam will begin on Sunday 5th February 2023.

History behind Thaipusam

Thaipusam is a celebration that honours this victory of good over evil. The issues that the demon Tarakasur and his henchmen were generating for the creatures of the cosmos were enough for the sages. Shiva was informed of their complaints, and he authorised Muruga to help them. The most potent "Vel," which Shiva had given him as one of eleven weapons, was offered by Mother Parvati. Within the Thai month, Muruga destroyed all of the demons on Pusam star, including Tharakasuran, using the Vel. Thaipusam is a celebration that honours this victory of good over evil.

What's the significance of Thaipusam

On this day, when your physical body is maintained under certain conditions, it is believed that you receive immense cosmic energy through which you can demolish every deep-rooted bad Karma and ignorance which is the reason for all your sufferings. According to Shastras, to live a great life, one has to free oneself from bad karma and evolve them to live without ignorance. Lord Shiva, the creator of all things, bestows his blessings on all of his devoted followers as they perform silence prayer on this auspicious day. You can either sit in solitude or engage in meditation to obtain divine benefits.

Celebration and symbolic representation of Thaipusam

It is believed that this day also promises to resolve all your financial debts. Kavadi Attam is a symbolic representation of debt bondage. As a sign of releasing our energy to allow divine energy to penetrate within us, the practice of piercing the spear is also commonly seen on Thaipusam. But instead of such mechanical rituals, it’s good to just sit in silence or meditate and nobody can stop the flow of divine energy into your body.

Dishes prepared during Thaipusam

  • Chana Dal Payasam
  • Poha Kheer
  • Famous Palani Panchamirtham– It is served as ‘Prasadam‘
  • Panagaam-A healthy and refreshing drink made up of jaggery, imli, ginger

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