Sri Lanka & Sri Lankan Food

Sri Lanka & Sri Lankan Food

Sri Lanka is a nation steeped in antiquity and is one of the most beautiful countries in Asia.  The Sri Lankan Island  is a paradise, bordered on all sides by water, with mountains, thick forests, and wide waterfalls in the center is a breathtaking scenery which will be a visual retreat.  Sri Lanka is a multicultural land with different facets and  is Originally known as Ceylon. Northern Sri Lanka is home to Hindu civilization, where a lot of Tamil-speaking people live, the rest of Sri Lanka is Sinhalese. The majority of people in Sri Lanka follow Buddhism and  Hinduism.  Islam, and Christianity are also practiced by significant portions of the population. Sri Lanka is a land of spices , and is well known for Ceylon Cinnamon (Ceylon Pattai), also called true cinnamon, its quill are soft and light brown in color has a lush aroma and a sweet taste, and  Sri Lanka is the number one exporter of Cinnamon in  the world.  

How did Sri Lankan people migrate all around the World ?

In the 19th century, due to civil war  many of the Sri Lankan people moved to India, Australia, Middle East, Canada, Britain, the U.S and other foreign countries and settled there .  After moving to the foreign countries Sri Lankan tend to learn  different cultures, different languages and make their own way of living for their future generations.  But they hold fast to their own native foods as their preference.

Tracing the roots of Sri Lankan Delicacy  - The Spicy Goodness

Despite similarities to South Indian cuisine, Sri Lankan food is still distinctly its own type of cuisine. Through years of colonisation and foreign influence, Sri Lanka has adapted its culinary tradition into a fusion of various curry concoctions and delectable dishes. The memories of Sri Lankan food evoke rich curries with the aroma of spices that will bring families together.

Indigenous and traditional foods of Sri Lanka have a perfect blend of cultural diversity,  Cultural heritage and identity.  Sri Lankans are known for their hospitality and love to share foods with neighbors, family and friends.  They treat  food with the highest gratitude, respect, and generosity, expressed by sharing and offering to fellow humans.

What is special about Sri Lankan food?

There's a few things about Sri Lankan cuisine that are certain,  Sri Lankans adore spicy food, bursting with flavour, and deep-fried snacks that are exceptionally delicious. As a tropical island, Sri Lanka, coconuts and fish are two of the major ingredients in Sri Lankan cuisine. 

Sri Lankan food  is full of delightful surprises of  fragrant aromas and vibrant colors of its rich fresh spices. Rice and Curry is the staple food of Sri Lanka. Coconut is a common ingredient in cooking and  Curries are mostly made with Coconut Milk and commonly called paal Curries. Kiribath is a famous dish of Sri Lanka , a rice cooked in Coconut Milk.

Curries : 

Sri Lankan food is famous for its curries . Chicken Curry, Fish Curry and Vegetable curry (stew) made with Coconut Milk is commonly called Paal Curry.

Polos Curry - The most delicious curry made with young unripe Jackfruit which is cut into chunks and cooked with a  blend of rich spices and coconut milk.


Sambol is an incredibly delicious and most popular condiment in Sri Lanka.  It is a mish mash of grated coconut with smashed onions and Chillies which would go well with all the main dishes like Appam, Idyappam, Puttu, Rice, Pol Rotti ( A traditional Sri Lankan Roti) and  Paan (Bread). Seeni Sambol is yet another signature dish of Sri Lankans which is  sweet and spicy. The Seeni  Sambol is cooked with lots of onions often eaten with bread, idiyappam and Ceylon Pol Roti. Onion sambal (lunu miris or maasi sambol or katta sambol) is made with chopped shallots,  Maldive fish, Chilli flakes and lime juice  to provide a  spicy bite with a touch of raw shallot crunch that goes with all Sri Lankan Dishes. 

Paan :

In Sri Lanka Bread is  Commonly called Paan in Sri Lanka .  Maalu paan (Fish Buns), Jam Paan and ordinary plain paan is eaten with any kind of Sambol is a simple yet delicious food eaten by Sri Lankans

Roti :

Roti (Pol Roti) in Sri Lanka are made with flour, freshly grated coconut, salt and water which is less greasy and is the staple food for breakfast and dinner. Pol roti can be eaten with any type of sambol.

Tea :

Ceylon tea is popular across the globe and is considered to be the purest  tea in the world. 

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