Rice - The Best Source of Energy

Rice - The Best Source of Energy

Rice - The Best Source of Energy

Rice is the most commonly consumed food. Nearly half of the world population in the world has rice as the main food. More than 100000 rice varieties were known to be available in the past. Presently there are approximately 6000 varieties of rice available. As one of the world's largest rice cultivators, India has the largest area devoted to rice production. The second-largest rice producer in the world is India. Rice can be grown in different ways depending on the region. However, in India, traditional methods are still used to cultivate rice.

Health benefits of rice:

  • White rice is about 90 percent carbohydrate, 8 percent protein and 2 percent fat. 
  • Rice contains B complex vitamins, iron  and it is also a good  source  of  Manganese & Magnesium.
  • White rice supplies energy and restores glycogen levels after exercise.
  • Gluten free meal.

Few of the most prominent rice varieties are  

Thanjavur Ponni raw rice:

Traditional paddy variety of Tamilnadu. It is lower in cholesterol and rich in fiber. Thanjavur Ponni raw rice Premium quality is as soft, feathery, and delicious as white rice but it might take 10 minutes to cook. In south India, it is grown around the Kaveri delta region. It is raw rice and not parboiled. This type of rice is made from short-grain rice that is boiled to make it edible. A rice bowl with this type of rice is perfect for making pongal, idiyappam and steamed rice for lunch.

Thanjavur Ponni boiled rice

It has tremendous health benefits, especially for diabetics and high blood sugar levels. The Thanjavur Ponni boiled rice Premium quality is a parboiled rice that might take 5-10 minutes to cook and there is no need  to soak the rice. This Fiber-rich rice is easily digestible. Its low glycemic index lowers the risk of blood sugar spikes. It reduces cholesterol levels. Ponni boiled rice is fluffy, soft, tasty that is perfect for rice bowls, thalis, and more.

Sona Masoori Rice

Sona Masoori Rice Premium Quality is the Pearl of South India. It is a replacement for basmati rice and more beneficial for those who wish to lose weight. Diabetics and people suffering from digestion problems can enjoy Sona Masoori. It contains a lower amount of starch, so it's more convenient to prepare. It is fluffy, aromatic, light, medium-grained rice. Sona Masoori is known for its delicate flavor and can be used for pongal, coconut rice, steamed rice, and as a complement to all Indian dishes.

Idly Rice

Premium Quality idli rice is parboiled rice that is used especially for idli and dosa preparation. Parboiled rice is half-cooked rice. The batter for idli is traditionally prepared with urad dal and idli rice. In addition to carbohydrates, proteins, enzymes, fats, amino acids, and fiber, idlis contain a wide range of nutrients. The most beneficial part is it is cholesterol- and saturated fat-free.

Seeraga Samba Rice

Seeraga Samba rice is a good source of selenium, which reduces the risk of cancer and strengthens heart function. It is one of the most expensive kinds of rice. The rice is white and has a good aroma. It's usually cooked for biryani and pulao. The rice needs to be rinsed before cooking to remove much of the starch. It takes 15 to 20 minutes to cook. It has many health benefits. In addition, it eases digestion and relieves constipation, as well as improves thyroid health and lowers hyperthyroidism.

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