Plum Cake and Christmas

Plum cake

The holiday spirit is what we love about winter the best. People all across the world are preparing for the joyous celebrations of Christmas, which will soon be followed by the momentous night of New Year's eve. The pure joy of indulging in delicious foods on this day, especially plum cake, which plays a big role in the holiday, makes Christmas even more vibrant.

Story of Plum cake

In England, it was a common practise to abstain from all forms of eating during a period of fasting in the weeks preceding up to Christmas. The fasting and abstinence would prepare you well for the forthcoming days of indulgence. It was customary to prepare and consume a thick porridge the night before Christmas to "line the stomach" for the following feast. Oats, dried fruits, spices, honey, and occasionally even meat were added to the porridge during preparation, which eventually transformed into a Christmas pudding. People started making fruitcakes using plums and other dried fruits for Christmas using the same components. That is how plum cakes are thought to have started out as a customary dessert.

What is special about Plum cake?

Let's just accept that nothing beats the classic plum cake for Christmas celebrations. No matter how many additional desserts we try, nothing compares to a rich, sweet, bitter, and nutty plum cake. It is what adds to the specialness of the Christmas celebrations. This is why plum cakes are common, whether you go to a Christmas celebration or a neighbourhood bakery. Making a plum cake at home begins far in advance of the holiday. Traditionally, days or even months before the event, a mixture of fruits and nuts are steeped in alcoholic liquids like rum, wine, or brandy to create a plum cake. This is how the dry fruits get their slightly astringent flavour.

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