Onam is an annual celebration held in Kerala, which honors the harvest and welcomes back the demon king Mahabali. It's a highly anticipated event for the Malayali community.

Observing Onam Traditions :

During the ten-day Onam festival, Kerala comes alive with a series of festivities, boat races, and cultural spectacles. People engage in various practices such as creating Pookkalam (floral patterns), participating in Onakalikal (festive games), enjoying Vallamkali (boat races), taking part in Pulikali (tiger-themed performances), and showcasing archery skills. The highlight of these celebrations is the elaborate Onam Sadhya feast, traditionally served on banana leaves.

Unveiling the Onam Narrative:

The historical background of Onam traces back to the benevolent King Mahabali, who ruled all three realms. Concerned about his growing popularity, the Gods sought Lord Vishnu's intervention. This led to Vishnu incarnating as Vamana and requesting three paces of land from Mahabali. Through a series of events, Mahabali's selfless sacrifice earned him the opportunity to visit his kingdom annually during the Onam festival.

Distinctive Aspects of Onam:

A standout feature of Onam festivities is the "Sadhya," an extravagant feast encompassing a rich variety of 26 savory curries, fried vegetables, sweets, and more. This culinary tradition reflects values of equality and humility, and the meal is shared on banana leaves. Each family member's involvement in the preparation of Sadhya emphasizes the collective spirit of the occasion. Lakshmi Stores offers Onam Special Daily Delight Sadhya Frozen Kit Online to make your Onam more special.

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