Dive into Delight: Preorder Indian Seafood in the UK

Fresh Indian Seafoods in the UKAre you a seafood lover living in the UK? Your taste buds are in for a treat! Lakshmi Stores UK is thrilled to announce that you can now preorder a wide variety of fresh Indian seafood right at your doorstep. From pristine sardines to succulent crab, we've got a treasure trove of delectable options waiting for you. Dive into the flavors of the Indian seas without leaving your home. Let's explore the range of mouthwatering offerings.

The Freshest Catch

  1. Sardines: Savor the taste of the sea with our fresh sardines, available both cleaned and uncleaned for your convenience.
  2. Supparai: This local favorite is perfect for curries and fries, offering a unique taste that's both sweet and savory.
  3. Mackerel: Known for its rich, oily flesh, mackerel is a versatile fish that can be grilled, fried, or curried to perfection.
  4. Salmon: Experience the buttery texture and mild flavor of our premium salmon, a must-try for seafood enthusiasts.
  5. Karunkanni Paarai: Indulge in the exotic flavors of this lesser-known gem of Indian seafood.
  6. Indian Seabream: Delicate and flavorful, Indian seabream is a delightful addition to your seafood repertoire.
  7. Indian Seabass: Renowned for its firm, white flesh, this fish is excellent for grilling or steaming.
  8. Squid: Whether you enjoy it in a curry or as calamari rings, our fresh squid is a culinary delight.
  9. Villaimeen: This local favorite boasts a sweet taste and is perfect for traditional Indian seafood dishes.
  10. Tuna Fish: A popular choice for sushi lovers, our tuna is packed with flavor and nutrition.
  11. Godiva: Explore the unique taste and texture of this coastal delicacy, perfect for a spicy curry.
  12. Kingfish: Known for its firm, meaty texture, kingfish is a versatile fish that can be prepared in various ways.
  13. Karimeen: As the official state fish of Kerala, Karimeen is beloved for its rich, distinctive taste.
  14. Lady Fish: Delicate and sweet, ladyfish is a delightful addition to coastal Indian recipes.
  15. Trevally: This flavorful fish is a favorite among those who appreciate the bold taste of the sea.
  16. Paraguda: Try this lesser-known fish for a delightful surprise that's rich in flavor.
  17. Anchovy: These tiny fish pack a punch of flavor and are perfect for curries and pickles.
  18. Silver Pomfret: Renowned for its delicate, flaky flesh, silver pomfret is a gourmet's delight.
  19. Gold Pomfret: Enjoy the rich taste and beautiful presentation of this premium seafood choice.
  20. Black Pomfret: With its firm texture and subtle flavor, black pomfret is a versatile addition to your menu.
  21. Sangara: This unique fish is known for its sweet taste and is a favorite in coastal Indian cuisine.
  22. Tiger Prawn: Whether grilled, fried, or in a curry, our tiger prawns are always a crowd-pleaser.
  23. Baby Shark: Experience the tender meat and mild flavor of baby shark, a popular choice in Indian cooking.
  24. Crab: Last but not least, savor the succulent meat of fresh crab, perfect for crab curries and more.

Fresh From Sea

To enjoy the best flavors of the seafood, the freshness of the fish is important. We at Lakshmi Stores, UK ensures you the fresh and finest Seafood delivered at your doorstep for your culinary delights. With our superior sourcing network we bring the seafood which is thoroughly checked for its quality and maintained all times at a chilled temperature.

Where to Buy Preorder Indian Seafood Online in the UK?

At Lakshmi Stores UK, we're committed to bringing you the finest and freshest Indian seafood Online.  Pre Order your favorite seafood today and embark on a culinary journey through the vibrant flavors of the Indian coast. Our quality and your satisfaction are guaranteed. Say goodbye to seafood cravings, and hello to a seafood feast like no other. Bon appétit!