Clay Wares - MittiCool Products

Clay Wares - MittiCool Products

MittiCool products exemplify the fusion of ancient wisdom and modern innovation in the world of clay wares. Their sustainable and eco-friendly solutions harness the natural cooling properties of clay. From the iconic MittiCool dinner sets to water bottler and cookware, each product optimizes clay's cooling potential. MittiCool products provide healthier alternatives while honoring cultural heritage and traditional craftsmanship. Embracing MittiCool allows you to adopt a sustainable lifestyle and connect with ancestral knowledge.

MittiCool Curd Pot 500ML/250ML

The MittiCool Curd Pot is a clay pot designed for fermenting curd. Made from organic clay, it creates an ideal environment for curd fermentation. The clay pot offers a healthier alternative to plastic or metal containers, preventing the growth of harmful bacteria and avoiding chemical leaching. 

MittiCool Glass  200ML (SET OF 6)

The MittiCool Glass set features six 200ml clay glasses, offering a delightful and eco-friendly way to savor your favorite beverages. Made from organic clay, these glasses harness the inherent cooling properties of clay, providing a naturally chilled drinking experience without the need for ice or refrigeration. 

MittiCool Biryani Pot 1 L / 2.5 L

The MittiCool Biryani Pot is a clay pot designed specifically for cooking and serving aromatic and flavorful biryanis. Crafted from organic clay, this pot harnesses the natural properties of clay to enhance the taste and texture of your biryani. 

MittiCool Handi with Handle 2 L

The MittiCool Handi with Handle is a 2-litre clay pot designed for cooking and serving delectable dishes. Made from organic clay, this handi harnesses the natural properties of clay to enhance the flavor and texture of your culinary creations. 

MittiCool Fry Pan 1.5 L

The MittiCool Fry Pan is a versatile 1.5-litre clay pan designed for healthy and flavorful cooking. The MittiCool Fry Pan promotes oil-free or minimal oil cooking, allowing you to enjoy healthier meals without compromising on taste. 

MittiCool Water Bottle 1 L / 600ML

The MittiCool Water Bottle is a clay bottle that provides a unique and eco-friendly way to carry and drink water. Made from organic clay, this water bottler harnesses the natural cooling properties of clay to keep your water cool and refreshing for longer periods. 

MittiCool Linear Bowl  500ML

The MittiCool Linear Bowl is a compact and stylish kitchen accessory with a capacity of 500ml. It offers a sustainable and eco-friendly option for serving snacks, soups, or individual portions. The bowl's linear design adds a touch of elegance to any dining table or kitchen countertop. 

MittiCool Serving Pot  2 L

The MittiCool Serving Pot is a versatile and practical kitchen utensil with a generous capacity of 2 litres. The pot's durable construction ensures even heat distribution, enhancing the flavors of your dishes. Its elegant design and earthy aesthetics make it a beautiful addition to your dining table or buffet spread. 

MittiCool Water Bottle Triangle  300ML

The MittiCool Water Bottle Triangle is a unique and eye-catching water bottle with a capacity of 300ml. Its triangular shape sets it apart from traditional water bottles, making it both functional and stylish. Whether at the gym, office, or outdoor activities, this water bottle is a sustainable and trendy choice.

MittiCool Dinner Set

The MittiCool Dinner Set is a complete dining solution that combines functionality, aesthetics, and sustainability. The set includes plates, bowls, glasses, and utensils, providing everything you need for a delightful dining experience. 

MittiCool Kadai  1.5 L

The MittiCool Kadai is a versatile and functional cooking utensil with a capacity of 1.5 litres. The MittiCool Kadai is perfect for sautéing, stir-frying, deep-frying, and preparing curries, offering a unique and traditional cooking experience. 

MittiCool Simple Tawa with Handle 9"

The MittiCool Simple Tawa with Handle is a practical and convenient cooking tool with a 9" diameter. The tawa features a sturdy handle that offers a comfortable grip and allows for easy maneuvering during cooking. 

MittiCool Soneria Handi  2 L

The MittiCool Sonera Handi is a beautifully crafted cooking utensil with a capacity of 2 litres. The handi's elegant design and smooth finish add a touch of sophistication to your kitchen. 

MittiCool Water Jug With Lid 1.5 LITRE

The MittiCool Water Jug with Lid is a practical and eco-friendly solution for storing and serving water. Made from natural clay, the jug is free from harmful chemicals and additives, ensuring the purity of your drinking water. 

MittiCool Cherry Cup 100ML (SET OF 6)

The MittiCool Cherry Cup is a charming and delightful set of 6 cups, each with a capacity of 100ml. Crafted from natural clay, these cups offer a healthier and eco-friendly alternative to conventional drinking cups. The set of 6 cups is perfect for serving individual portions of tea, coffee, or any other beverage. 

Where do you buy clay wares - MittiCool  Products in the UK?

In the pursuit of a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle, many individuals are turning to clay wares as a safe and eco-friendly alternative for their cooking and dining needs. If you're searching for high-quality clay wares, look no further than Lakshmi Stores Online in the UK, a trusted retailer offering a wide range of MittiCool products. 

  1. Extensive Range of MittiCool Products: Lakshmi Stores Online boasts an impressive selection of MittiCool products to cater to your diverse needs. From cooking utensils like handis, tawas, and kadais to serving pots, water bottles, and cups, they have an extensive range of clay wares to choose from. 
  1. Convenience of Online Shopping: Shopping at Lakshmi Stores Online provides the convenience of browsing and purchasing clay wares from the comfort of your own home. Their user-friendly website offers a seamless online shopping experience, allowing you to easily navigate through the MittiCool product range. 
  1. Provide Elaborate product details:  With detailed product descriptions and clear images, you can make informed decisions about your purchases. Additionally, their secure payment and prompt delivery ensure a hassle-free shopping experience.
  1. Embrace Health and Sustainability: By choosing clay wares from Lakshmi Stores Online's MittiCool collection, you are making a conscious decision to prioritize health and sustainability..