Always tops the list of a healthy nutrient-rich diet. Millets have a number of health benefits that make them a superfood. So choose your Superfood cleverly and lead a healthy life.

Boost your immunity through Millets: Health benefits of dietary millets

      Millets are rich in dietary fibre which supports good bacteria in the digestive system. These fibres are referred to as insoluble fibres. The other type of fibres known as soluble fibres helps in reducing the amount of bad cholesterol in the blood. People around the world consider millets as a staple food. The reason being that millets own a wide range of health benefits and are easily grown.


Common myths about Millets - Breaking the ice with facts

      The first common myth that has been believed for years is that millets are consumed only by obese and diabetic people to cure their ailment. But the proven fact is that millets are highly nutritious and can be included as a part of everyone’s diet irrespective of any condition. According to the report by the Indian Council of Agricultural Research, the consumption of millets as food has significantly declined over the past three decades. People find it difficult to cook and process millets as their shelf life varies from normal cereals. The difficulty in cooking can be easily overcome by following traditional recipes. The dishes made with millets are recently gaining attention on youtube channels.

      The second most common myth that is prevalent among the population is that the sudden switch from a normal diet to a millet diet is not possible. Millets have amazing health benefits such as reducing blood sugar levels, regulation of blood pressure, thyroid, cardiovascular and celiac diseases. However, that gradual process of introducing millets into our daily diet will be very helpful in gaining the above-mentioned benefits. The nicest thing is that once we get used to this dietary fibre then we won’t feel like going back to the old normal. We also follow a variety of recipes down south to help people deliciously cook millets.

Traditional dishes of Tamilnadu using Millets

     The South-Indian state known as Tamilnadu is famous for its variety of recipes using millets. Starting from the olden days, the kitchens of this place have an untold story with the millets. Unlike other cereals, millets are not only used to make bread and porridges but are also used to make mouthwatering desserts and snacks. The millets are made into a variety of delicacies such as biscuits and murukku, according to the change of season.

     Some of the popular South Indian dishes using millets are Ragi dosa, Saamai idli, Varagu Arisi Pongal, Kambankool, Kuthiraivali Pongal, Thinai Pongal, Thinai pulao etc. These are some of the iconic dishes native to this geography. People made exciting recipes with the millets range of cereals. So the health benefits are combined with the tasty preparation of the mothers.

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