Health and Beauty


“Beauty and Health are the main sources of happiness” - Benjamin Disraeli

Being a grooming freak doesn’t mean that you expose yourself for attention but it’s building the best version of your outer self. In many ways, beauty and health are compatible. If you don't know what happiness is or if you don't eat healthy stuff and have sleepless nights with no mental peace, no amount of pricey makeup or beauty items will help you appear attractive. If you want to be attractive, you must understand that true beauty comes from the inside out.Your skin, hair, eyes and teeth reflect inner vitality so if you want to glow out then make your inner body shine.


 There are a few basic skin care routine that make your skin glide over and shine like a star.

  • Edibles that adds glow to the skin, whole grain cereals like Oatmeal, brown rice, millet, wild rice, wheat berry, buckwheat, barley and fruits like berries, pomegranates, mangoes improve skin texture, restore healthy cells, and treat dry, scaly, rough skin. Vitamin A and C-rich foods include carrots, tomatoes, collard, spinach, kale, sweet potato, kiwi, strawberries, broccoli, papaya, bell peppers, mustard greens, beetroot, and broccoli are the essentials of healthy skin.
  • Exfoliators for the skin. Scrubs can help remove dead skin cells that might accumulate on your skin, making it feel harsh and uneven. Apply Himalaya Face scrub in a gentle circular motion with very light pressure to exfoliate safely, and only once a week.
  • Buy moisturizers based on the skin type. Moisturizer protects your skin by adding an extra layer of protection and keeps it nourished. Choosing and using a facial moisturizer on a daily basis can help to keep the skin soft and smooth. Remember to use a moisturizing body lotion to keep the rest of your skin moisturized.
  • Brushing dry Exfoliating the skin using a natural, stiff-bristled brush is known as dry brushing. Brush your limbs in long fluid strokes and your back and torso in a circular motion with the brush on dry skin
  • Gentle, mild cleansers will keep away from dust and germs. Wash your face with a soft, non abrasive, alcohol-free cleanser in the morning and before night, as well as after sweating, according to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD). You can also use raw milk and honey to cleanse your skin. Buy dabur honey to shine both in and out.


  1. Cleanse :

Cleansing strikes a balance between cleaning dead skin and product residue without depleting the hair of its natural oils. Sebum will build up without a good wash, creating an oily behind. If not removed, dead skin will do the same. The skin regenerates every 28 days and sebum can be seen if the hair isn't kept clean. And hair should be cleansed using our fingers and not our nails.

  1. Condition:

Conditioners have numerous advantages. Moisturizing is perhaps the most important, although detangling, shininess, and frizz reduction are also important. Fenugreek, which nourishes the scalp and makes your hair appealing, is the major natural conditioner that smoothes your hair. Aloe Vera, curd, and egg are examples of natural conditioners.

    3. Seal and moisturize:

Moisturize and seal is a two-step method that adds more hydration to the hair. This is especially beneficial for kinky or coily hair that is dry. Using a hydrating product and sealing oil, the goal is to seal in moisture rather than dryness. Use banana mask, Aloe Vera mask, Avocado mask, Neem mask for better hair.

    4. Detangle

Detangling is vital for preventing breakage and making your life much easier. To avoid accidentally pulling hair out, use the correct equipment, such as a wide-tooth comb. Use Neem Leaves to get rid of dandruff and always use warm water to wash your hair and treat your scalp smoothly. Use Himalaya Hair Care products to have nourishing shiny hair.

  1. Food items to boost hair growth;

Eggs, Berries, Spinach, Fatty fish, Sweet potatoes, and Avocados are important foods for hair growth. Use Dabur & Himalaya shampoo and other hair products to preserve your hair.

Buy Dabur coconut oil, Dabur Amla oil for nourishing your hair with protein.


  • Intake of vitamins and minerals to thrive, you will notice better skin, hair, and nails as well as improved mood.
  • Focus your diet on healthy, fresh produce: lots of fruits and vegetables will provide you with a huge boost of nutrients.
  • Cut back on saturated fats, salt and sugar and drink plenty of water. Your body will thank you for it, everything will function better, you will feel and look better.
  • Exercise increases blood flow, it helps to oxygenate the skin keeping it elastic and youthful looking. Plus it can use up excess calories helping you to maintain a healthy and attractive physique. Work on including cardio, resistance and stretching exercises in your routine, you will feel fantastic and reap the rewards of a more beautiful appearance too.
  • Keeping your in and out more natural by using the products from Himalayas and Dabur .

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Focusing on good skincare and haircare boosts your self-esteem as you carry yourself in the way you want. Lakshmi stores, UK sell Dabur and Himalaya beauty products for your hair  and skin. There is no time to lose and start caring for your skin and hair because skin cells die and are reborn every day. Healthy skin and hair does not necessitate the use of cosmetics or beauty products. These skin and hair care blogs would hopefully cover everything from what to put on your face to what nutrients and foods to eat. Buy Himalaya and Dabur Products help you maintain your skin and hair in the way you love to.