Raksha Bandhan, or the Festival of Brothers, is a celebration of love. As a way of reminding their Brothers of their enormous responsibility, Sisters bind holy threads to their wrists. In India, Sisters of all ages, including those who are married and single, visit their brothers and knot a piece of ornamental thread in exchange for the Brothers' promise to guard their Sisters from all harm.


Indian folklore claims that in addition to being wrapped around the wrists of brothers by their sisters, this thread was also reportedly formally fastened to the wrists of rulers by priests of the time. According to Hindu mythology, Lord Indra's wife Sachi bound a bracelet around her husband to shield him from Bali, the devil. Therefore, in the western states of India, the wives and husbands do this rite. Numerous historical artifacts serve as a constant reminder of the importance of this festival, and each year it highlights the same moral principles that have come to be associated with it. There is also a lengthy legend around this incident. 


The brother and sister get up early on this auspicious day, get dressed, and put on new clothes. They then share a seat. The sister lights a Diya and places it on the Kalash before applying tilak to the brother's forehead. She then gives him candy to eat and fastens a Rakhi around his wrist. Sisters typically fast before tying a rakhi. The Rakhi stands for her unwavering faith in him and her prayers for a long and happy life for him. To show his appreciation for her affection, the brother rewards her with presents and makes a commitment to keep her safe from every harm and adversity. The Raksha Bandhan Festival serves as a means of bringing all families together. On this fortunate day, tasty food, sweets, and other items are prepared. Additionally, family members share their unique life experiences while exchanging gifts with other well-wishers and blood relations. In certain customs, particularly in Rajasthan, married women tie Rakhis on their husbands in an effort to obtain protection from everything bad. Rakhis are now even tied to sisters by sisters. But the Festival's core values are still the same.

The bond between a brother & sister

It is both unique and distressing to see brothers and sisters interact. They can be bickering for a moment before immediately patching things up. They have one of the most pure and true friendship bonds ever. Our siblings have witnessed our growth throughout the years, thus they are tremendously important to us. They typically know both our assets and liabilities. Additionally, they frequently comprehend us better than we do. They have always supported us, ensured our security, and helped us navigate challenging situations. Rakhsha Bandhan is only a small act to commemorate the relationship and the hope for a bright future.

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