Indian Sweets and its Significance

Indian Sweets and its Significance

Customary festivals and celebrations vary from country to country. But every Indian festival and celebration is incomplete without sweets.  Sweets are the fairy tale of the kitchen, the delicious taste and aroma of the sweets will make everyone fall for it.  No Indian Wedding is complete without sweet boxes because sweets are important and that is why we serve guests with sweet delights, with delicate flavors that are perfect to begin with. Not only weddings, all Indian celebrations and occasions are laced with sweets.

Why sweets are considered a sign of good omen ?

According to Hindus, sugar, milk and ghee are considered to be ‘sacred’ which means pure and can be eaten by everyone. Sweets are made with ghee, sugar and milk which is offered to the God and distributed to the devotees in temples as prasad. The Indians have a traditional belief that offering sweets on all occasions will bring auspiciousness and prosperity to all and that's  why Indians celebrate all the good deeds and start the new beginnings with sweets. Most of the Indian Sweets are prepared with ghee, fruits, nuts and milk yet each one of them differs in taste. Southern states of India start their meals with sweet dishes as it symbolizes a sweet beginning of the occasion and ends on sweet delicacies like payasam.

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