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About Product:
Grand Sweets And Snack’s Kaaraboondi is prepared using flawless coherence of ingredients, which is then fried in a fresh groundnut oil to prepare a crispy delicious snack. Boondi is a deep-fried savoury dish made with Bengal gram. It is a classical South Indian dish. Boondi is popularly used as an accompaniment with popular delicacies such as Bisi bele bath, chaats, boondi raita, and more. Grand Sweets And Snack’s Karaboondi has a balanced profile of flavour varying from salty to spicy. Buy Grand Sweets And Snack’s KaaraboondI to fuse in spice!
About Brand:
The founder of Grand Sweets And Snacks is Mr G. Natarajan. He started in 1982 and his wife’s recipes pushed the company to its boom. Grand Sweets And Snacks provide hygienic, traditional and appetizing snacks and so it has earned excellent reviews from the customers! Specialized and experienced staff prepare the sweets and snacks with the best ingredients. Grand Sweets And Snacks had an outlet for 25 years and it’s the customer’s love for the product which made them open a few outlets across Chennai. Buy Grand Sweets And Snack’s Kaaraboondi and enjoy the crunch!

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