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About Product:

Kera Bites Green Chilli Murukku is made of Green chillies, fresh Bengal gramme flour which is high in protein. The crispness comes from rice flour. Asafoetida is a soothing herb. This is for the spice connoisseurs. They crush up ultra-fresh green chiles, seeds and all, to give the classic South Indian murukku a whole new depth. When you bite into this crispy treat, your senses will be assaulted with a spicy-like flavour that will have you drooling. Buy Kera Bites Green Chilli Murukku 150g online.

About Brand:
Kera Bites, the snack brand name, is praised by snack aficionados for its delectable taste and high quality. “We snack the world” is their tagline, emphasising their continual efforts to give outstanding, wholesome, and traditional food products to their clients, which have been a part of daily life for generations .Buy Kera Bites Green Chilli Murukku

About Store:
Lakshmi Stores, UK is one of the eminent online grocery stores that sell a variety of snacks items to add spiciness to the festivals. Buy Kera Bites Green Chilli Murukku online at Lakshmi Stores, UK. We also sell covid essentials, leafy vegetables, snacks, tea, coffee, fresh juice, lentils and pulses, millets, kitchen items and pooja items online.


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